Friday, July 6, 2012

Accent Table

I absolutely love a great deal! To get the best deals you sometimes have to look for potential in ragged pieces. Recently, I found this great thrift store purchase for $10.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. So much so, I lugged it back to my office in the middle of the day (I ignored the stares I got). The piece is solid wood with a cute drawer for storing...I haven't decided yet.

In order to begin transforming your piece into something worthy of your fabulous home, you're going to need: 

  • sand paper 
  • wood putty (if your piece has holes or chips that need to be filled)
  • paint 
  • paintbrush
  • in this case, a knob for the drawer

Examine your piece carefully, noting chips and holes that will need to be filled. Also look for nails or screws that may be protruding from the wood. These should be removed or fixed before you start working...don't risk needing a tetanus shot.

1.     Start by prepping your workspace. If you're taking care of this in your kitchen, as I am, you may want to put down plastic garbage bags or newspaper to protect your floors. If you're outside, you should still put something down to protect the ground.

3.      Once the dust is cleared, fill in any holes using a wood putty that closely matches the color of the wood. This minimizes the risk of the putty showing through the paint.

4.     Allow the putty to dry. Please see the directions on the packaging for proper drying instructions.

5.      It’s time to paint! I’m using a premium interior paint on this piece (leftover from when we painted our living room).  Since I wanted to keep a lot of the character of this table, I used very little paint on my brush and layered it until I reached my desired coverage. I used a 3-inch wide brush in order to reach all of the nooks.

6.      Once the paint is dried, it’s time to install the hardware. I found the knob for this project at an antique shop for $3.50.

It was important for me to only light coat some of the areas with paint to maintain its charm

I wanted to preserve some of the character of the table, so I didn't fill in the holes on top completely (see the crack)

Project Cost:

$  3.50
$  3.97
$ 17.47

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