Monday, August 13, 2012

Compliments Welcomed!

Compliments are like smiles. They are free treats that we can give one another, on a daily basis. However, like smiles, which are sometimes fake, compliments shouldn’t be.

Most women love compliments. Compliments can often serve as an ice-breaker for us. Think about it, how many times you have complimented another woman, Hey, I love those shoes, and that sparked an impromptu conversation in the department store. As women we also love to receive compliments from those we love. However, don’t only rely on other people’s recognition of you to make you feel good about yourself. You should know your own worth! Unfortunately, women being the magnificent creatures that we are, we oftentimes lack compliment etiquette. What’s that you say? Read below and find out:
1. You can’t fully accept a compliment. 

Friend: Hey Chrissy! You look soooo awesome in that dress!

Chrissy: Are you kidding me? I hate my body! I should have just stayed home! 

You should not have to conjure up a laundry list of reason why you are undeserving of a compliment. Accepting a compliment does not make you conceited. It makes you confident. It doesn’t make you greedy, but rather it makes you appreciative. When you negate a compliment you not only make yourself appear less confident, but you undermine the judgment of the person offering the compliment.

2. You can't give a compliment
In addition to graciously accepting compliments, you should also willingly give compliments too. While it is OK to have a little jealous streak once in awhile, 
Ugh, Kim K looks great in everything!! ; Remember to give credit when credit is due. In other words, don’t be a hater.

Live Beautifully Tip: 
Make it a point to compliment at least one person each day. Not only will you make someone feel extra special, but seeing their smile will make you feel great too!

Written by: Carline Dumerlin-Folkes
Co-Author of Miss University, the ultimate guide for young women in college.
Miss University Book

Live Beautifully,


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was a really great reminder for me and I hope that I can be more intentional in the future!

  2. {Melinda} Thanks for this! A great reminder to give and accept compliments graciously. Although compliments still make me feel uncomfortable and great at the same time, I'm better at accepting them. If I'm not sure exactly how to respond gracefully, I simply say, "Thank you." It's the response that never fails!

    Visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  3. For me I think it depends on the day I am having...if I feel haggard, then I have a hard time accepting someone's compliment; however, if I actually feel good about myself then compliments are gratefully appreciated! I definitely agree that compliments are a great ice-breaker. As someone who has a hard time feeling comfortable around groups of people I don't is the best way to 'get in there'. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  4. I have recently learned to say thank you and accept a compliment instead of deflecting.

  5. Taking a compliment graciously is a real art - one I'm still working on. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I give compliments everywhere...yes I'm the one that will come up to you and tell you how good you look in something you are trying on in the store. I can accept a compliment too, not a problem with mean it if you say it to me! Visiting from SITS.

  7. Sometimes, I actually blush when people compliment me. I hate it! Makes me feel like a school girl. Guess I just need to be complimented more often so I'll get over it. lol

  8. This is great advice! I try to complement people everyday (when they deserve it) and it really helps keep me surrounded with positive energy. Happy Sharefest!

  9. I don't take compliments very well either. But I think it can be rude to respond with something negative. To the complimenter it might feel like you are disregarding their kindness. I have begun to say, "Thank you! That is very kind of you." Then the complimenter knows their words are appreciated too!

  10. That is so true! There is nothing more annoying than telling someone you admire the way the look and they throw it back in your face. Like you're an idiot or something for liking them. Seriously, you nailed it!


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