Monday, August 27, 2012

Myglam Love!

I get hives at the thought of throwing away money on products I end up hating after a few uses. Most stores, like Sephora, offer refunds, but who has time to deal with going back to make returns.  And, yes, department stores allow you to sample products.  Seriously, how I’m I suppose to know weather or not I love something after one use with minimal product? This always makes me very hesitant to buy new products.

When I found out that Michelle Phan was launching Myglam, I was so thrilled. Unfortunately, I was behind the eight ball, so I had to join the wait list before I could enroll to receive my monthly bag. The company sends six beauty samples each month from companies such as Urban Decay, NYX, and many others in a cute reusable bags. At $10 a month, you can’t go wrong.

Each time I get the fabulously pink mailer in my mailbox, it feels like my birthday!

Products come in a reusable bag
Quality products with various price points for the full size version
Occasional coupons sent with the bag and via email
Monthly themes adjust to our seasonal beauty needs
Monthly YouTube videos from the stylists using products from the bag

My one wish:
An additional sample during the recipients birthday month (I’m mainly saying this because my birthday was this month)

All in all…I just LOVE it!

Live Beautifully,


  1. I love the nail polish color! So bright and pretty! :)

    Southern Glamourista

  2. I live for my my glam surprise in the mail. Since I subscribed it's been nothing but love at first sight with most products to think all that and a cute bag for ten bucks a month. You can't beat it.


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