Saturday, October 6, 2012

Childhood Rooms Grow Up

Recently my sister asked me to help her design her son's room once they move into their new home. The more I thought about the design for his room, the more it made me miss being a child. Growing up, life is filled with color. Some never lose their love of color, while others slowly transition into the "grown-up" world of browns, grays, and black. While I do love the entire spectrum of neutrals, we don't always have to leave our childhood color pallets behind.

To transition a childhood room into adulthood, keep theses two points in mind:

  • Keep the key pieces neutral. Keeping the walls and sofa a neutral color will allow you to play with a wide variety of colors in your accessories. 

  • It's all about the accessories. Changing the accessories in your home is the most inexpensive way to update any room. If you have a fickle pallet (like I do), you'll want to use color only in your accessories in order to change them on a whim.

Live Beautifully Tip: 
Be who you are regardless of your age. Being true to yourself means more happiness for you and those you love. 

1 comment:

  1. These are great tips and I love all the eye candy! My daughter is in such a weird transitional place right now at age 9- she's holding onto some of the cutesy, girly stuff while transitioning slowly to liking 'cooler' stuff. Needless to say, her room looks like a bit of an explosion.


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