Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Okay, I don't know about you, but I'm all about HIGH impact LOW effort decor. I recently came across an amazing product through Olioboard. In case you've never been on Olioboard, the only thing you need to know is that it's every interior designer's dream site.

The product? gLaM-a-PeeL! They are quality life-size headboard wall just stick on and there you go-instant bedroom makeover. You can turn simple bed frames into beautiful, glamorous pieces for around $164. This is an especially fantastic idea for kids bedrooms, where you will likely want something that can handle wear and tear but also be easily transitioned. If you have a guest bedroom, this is an affordable and inexpensive way to dress up the room.

The genius behind gLaM-a-PeeL is Toronto based designer, Karen Russell. After many months of work, the line finally launched in August 2012.


"The idea just hit me one day while designing other wall decal graphics to use a wall decal as a was an "Aha!" moment....but then I discovered I was not the first one to think of the same idea!  I thought DARN!...OH WELL...I just set out to do my own take on it.  One of the differences is that gLaM-a-PeeL wall decals are not a traditional, complicated rub-on, peel-off transfer vinyl - they are a genius fabrication similar to a very fine vinyl and are so much easier to handle and apply straight off the backing paper.  You can make mistakes...reposition and remove them many times.  You can take it with you when you move from your dorm room to your first apartment or change it from season to season if you just want a new mood. "
-Karen Russell

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Use them to glam up your living room.

What's great about these is that because they aren't attached to anything (a bed) they can be used in other spaces in your home AND you have some wiggle room with height. A slightly higher than bed level placement adds grandeur.

gLaM-a-PeeL has even been featured on as one of their 
"14 Hot Pink Accessories for Your Bedroom" 


Add visual interest to your bedroom.



Live Beautifully Tip:
Decor is meant to be ever changing. Don't feel restless because it's never done and don't pigeon hole yourself into one style. It's a journey enjoy it and photograph EVERYTHING! You're going to want to document how your style has evolved with you.

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