Saturday, February 9, 2013

Interview with a Makeup Artist

 Recently, I interviewed freelance makeup artist, Viviana Cobar. As a native Brooklyn girl, Viviana warmly refers to it as the "artistic" borough. She specializes in special events and parties where she teaches makeup tricks! She was kind enough to share a few tips with us to live by. 


1. What are some of the biggest beauty mistakes you see woman make over and over?
The most common mistake I see women make would have to be color matching. Often women match their foundation to their face rather than their neck or chest. If your foundation only matches your face you run a huge risk of demarcation lines. This color matching technique makes some women feel pale, but you can add color with a blush or bronzer. 

2. What easy tips or products would you recommend for woman who hate makeup?
I would have to say stick to tinted moisturizers or beauty balms (BB creams) which have multiple functions in a single bottle. 

3. Which makeup/beauty products would you recommend for those with acne?
For people who suffer from acne, I would recommend the brand Cover FX. It's coverage is great, does not cause any break outs, and lets skin breathe. 

4. What are the absolute best eye pencils for your waterline?
Sephora's retractable waterproof liners and Stila's waterproof liners. Give them 20 seconds to set and they're not going anywhere. Go over them with a matching eyeshadow to speed up the setting time. 

5. What do you want to warn woman about when it comes to beauty?
WARNING: Always remove makeup before bed to protect your skin from breakouts. Most breakouts are caused by clogged pores that occur when makeup isn't removed properly.

6. What are some of YOUR beauty rules?
  1. Always start applying your makeup to a clean moisturized face. Invest in facial scrubs and cleansers.
  2. Make sure your brushes and hands are always clean before applying makeup.
  3. Factor in the time you'll need to apply your makeup when you're getting ready to go out. It will help make the application process go as smoothly as possible.
  4. Always clean your brushes to get the smoothest application.
You can contact Viviana via email or follow MakeupByVivi on instagram.    
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