Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I'm loving now? 10 Blush Palette

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good deal, especially when it comes to cosmetics. The best deals are often found in makeup palettes (especially during the holidays). I adore having a bunch of colors to experiment with in one convenient package.

A few months ago, I purchased the 10 Blush Palette from Coastal Scents. I wanted to make sure I really liked it before sharing it with all of you. The verdict? It’s a winner.

  • 10 shades 
  •  Includes hues in matte and shimmer finishes
  •  Blend well
  •  Can be layered to create unique colors
  •  Thin and sleek design
  •  The PRICE! Regularly $15.95, but currently being sold at $14.

  • Case doesn’t include a mirror
  • Not likely to be a makeup bag item unless you depot the blushes due to its 9”X 3.97 dimensions

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