Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curly Hair Routine

Hello again! Since July 2012, I've been working on restoring my curly hair back to health. It's amazing the damage women put their hair through for the sake of beauty.

My old fall/winter routine used to be weekly salon visits. The process started with their shampoo and conditioner to cleanse, followed by curlers and an hour under the hooded dryer, then finally 40 minutes of blowing out my hair into beautiful shiny waves. To top it off, the process took no less than three hours on a good day!

In the summer, my hair would get washed every couple of days, followed by serum, and finally curling mousse. The curling mousse was necessary because after blowing out my hair for six months, my curls were limp and non-existent at the tips.

Then one day I had an epiphany, I needed to get back to basics with my hair ASAP! After some research and a few YouTube videos, I was ready for the task. Since then, I've been prioritizing treating my hair with love and I can't wait to share what I've learned with you.

To start, here's one of my curly hair routine using the Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture. I will post a reviews of my favorite curly products, do's and don'ts, and much more really soon! Don't forget to chat with me about your curls on our forum.

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