Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Being Productive at Work

Written By Contributor: Carline C. Dumerlin Folkes
Founder of B.E.L.L.E http://www.bellegirlssucceed.com/
Co-author of Miss University http://www.missuniversitybook.net/

With the economy being what it is, many of us are sadly witnessing many co-workers, family members, and friends being laid-off. Some of us will be directly affected by these lay-offs, and will be forced to do more than our fair share of work. With that said, it can be difficult to be productive when you have multiple projects, clients, and meetings to tend to.  Remember people at work will praise you when you do a good job, but will throw it in your face when you do a bad one. Here's how to avoid giving them something to talk about.

1. If You Need Help, Ask for It- A close mouth doesn't get fed. If there are co-workers who could possibly assist you with a project, ask them to help. If there is an office intern, utilize them. No intern? Consider asking the appropriate supervisor if the company would consider using them. Don't just make a suggestion in passing, come armed with a proposal for an internship program.

2. Ask for an Extension- Sometimes projects take longer than anticipated. The minute you realize you won't meet your deadline, ask the appropriate person (supervisor, client) for an extension. Explain some of the challenges you are facing and the exact time you will have it done. Avoid asking for an extension the day of.

3.Make a To-Do List- At the end of each work day write down a list of tasks you need or want to complete the following day. Put the  "needs" first and list the "wants" later. Don't get discourage if you don't complete everything on your list, just keep positive and add it to the next day's list.

4. Manage your Time- It's great to go on a coffee run, gossip about celebrities, but all of that wasted time contributes to not getting work done. Everyone deserves down time but don't get carried away.

5. Try to Get to Work a Little early- Instead of staying late come in early while the office is quiet and you can finally get around to emails, and voicemails that have been flooding your inbox. Plus, it's easier to be productive prior to the morning rush.

6. Spring Clean- Make your work environment more zen. Clean up, redecorate, play some music, or put up a picture of your dog. Having a positive environment will make you feel good, and you will work better.
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